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Simplified in-person multi-state training to get you quickly and legally
conceal carrying in 30 states, including Ohio.

With over 7,000 trained already in Ohio, are you going to decide to be Armed 24?

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Simplified Training Saves Valuable Time and Money

Nationally most states are reducing or eliminating the training requirements for concealed carry licenses. However, Ohio still requires a rigorous 12 hours of training.

Because of reciprocity agreements, as an Ohio resident, it is possible to get a concealed carry license through Arizona and legally carry concealed in Ohio. This training can be completed in only 3 hours and the license is even cheaper than the Ohio license.

As an exclusive benefit to Armed 24's training, graduates have the option to extend the training to meet the Ohio license requirements. All completed training hours convert towards the Ohio license through Armed2Defend.

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Get Licensed for 30 States

The Non-Resident Arizona license will allow you to carry in 30 states. The Non-Resident Arizona license will allow you to carry in 30 states.

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Why Choose Arizona Training?

Arizona training just makes sense.

You can also later choose to convert training towards the Ohio license through Armed2Defend

What Questions Do You Have?

Contact me to get answers. I've trained over 7,000 in Ohio and I want to help you to get the right license so that you can be ARMED 24!

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