Frequently Asked Questions on Arizona Concealed Carry License Training


1. I’m an Ohio resident, how can I apply for the Arizona concealed carry license?

Some states like Arizona offer a non-resident concealed carry license that is open to all US residents who meet the requirements (read below). The application is processed through the mail and the license is also sent through the mail so you never have to actually visit Arizona. Ohio honors the Arizona license, both the resident and non-resident version. The official reciprocity document from Ohio can be found here. The Arizona license is good for 5 years.

2. What is the Arizona concealed carry license application process?

At the training you will receive all the materials needed to apply for the license except for the license fee money order. You’ll submit the material below in the addressed envelope that is given at the class. Arizona will process your application and mail you back your license. You can’t carry until you receive the license.

  1. Application Packet
    • Application
    • Application instructions
    • Two fingerprint cards (you’ll have the option for us to complete your prints at the class)
    • Addressed envelope to mail to Arizona
  2. Course completion certificate and copy of certificate to mail with application
  3. Arizona does not use photos so no photos are needed.
  4. You will need to obtain a $60 money order or cashier’s check to mail with your application.

3. How many states is the Arizona license valid in?

The non-resident Arizona license is valid in 30 states. The list of states can be found here. The Ohio resident license is valid in 33 states. If you later decide that you want the Ohio license, you have the option to apply your Armed 24 training hours towards the Ohio license training with Armed2Defend at any time.

4. What’s included in Armed 24’s training?

This in-person training performed by certified instructors who have trained over 7,000 here in Ohio. We’ll also give you everything that is needed for applying for the license except for the $60 money order. You’ll also be responsible for completing the two fingerprint cards. No photo is required for the AZ license application.

Some of the training topics will include:

  • Rules for safe gun handling and storage
  • Parts of a pistol and their operation
  • Pistol and ammunition selection
  • Shooting positions and proper techniques
  • Maintaining a pistol
  • Carrying options including holster selection
  • Information on what states you can carry in and how to add more states
  • Optional: Review of Ohio’s current gun and self-defense laws by attorney/author Ken Hanson. Including answering your law questions


5. How do I renew my Arizona concealed carry license?

The Arizona license is valid for 5 years. There is no required training for renewing your Arizona license. Simply you fill out the renewal application and pay the $43 application fee. This website gives the full details on renewing your license: http://www.azdps.gov/Services/Concealed_Weapons/Permits/Renew/.

6. What laws do I follow when carrying in Ohio or another state?

When concealed carrying you always follow the laws of the location that you are at. Ohio concealed carry laws can be found at this website: http://www.ohioattorneygeneral.gov/Files/Publications/Publications-for-Law-Enforcement/Concealed-Carry-Publications/Concealed-Carry-Laws-Manual.aspx. You can get a summary of most state’s laws on this website (click on the state for the info): http://handgunlaw.us/.

7. How do I know if I can qualify for the Arizona license?

The qualifiers for the Arizona concealed carry license are found on their official website: http://www.azdps.gov/Services/Concealed_Weapons/Permits/Obtain/.

8. Where are the classes held?

The class location is specified on the registration page for that date. Click on the a class date that you are interested in attending to see the location, time, and details for that date. Then you’ll have the option to register for that class. Click here to see the upcoming class dates.

 9. How can I use my hours toward the Ohio concealed carry license training?

If at some point you decide that you would like to get the Ohio license, you’ll be happy to know that you’ll be able to apply your training towards the Ohio license. Armed 24 has an exclusive agreement with Armed2Defend so that all training hours completed in Armed 24’s Arizona training can be converted towards the Ohio or Florida license training through Armed2Defend. This is an open option that can be taken advantage of at any point, before, during, or after your training. This is a simple process and the class is designed to seamlessly fit into the Ohio’s training.

Currently Armed2Defend has agreed to finalize the training for only $50. The Ohio training includes attorney taught Ohio law training, two hours of live fire range instruction, and additional pistol instruction. Please visit http://armed2defend.com/classes/ohio-concealed-carry-training/ to see more about Armed2Defend’s Ohio concealed carry training.

The first 3 hours of classroom instruction will be accomplished in the Arizona training. As an option, it might be possible to also attend the two hour legal presentation on the same day as the Arizona training. This will accomplish 5 hours of total training time.

If you would like to continue the Ohio training, you’ll be scheduled on a regular Armed2Defend Ohio concealed carry class to start at the shooting around 2 pm. You’ll start with a range safety briefing and a review of safe pistol shooting before continuing with the two hours of range instruction. After the range instruction you will continue the Ohio concealed carry instruction back at the classroom with the regular Armed2Defend class until 9:00 pm. This will complete the 12 hours of training required for the Ohio license and you will receive the Ohio training completion certificate.